Our bodies come equipped with an organ, the liver, that is tasked with removing toxins from the body. Normally, it’s quite good at its job. Problems arise when we overload the liver with environmental toxins, harsh chemicals and alcohol; these need to be cleared from the system before ordinary toxins can be dealt with. When we overload our bloodstream with sugar, the liver goes into overdrive to restore healthy blood sugar levels.

When people think detox, they often picture a quick-fix program, or taking a variety of supplements. We suggest a simpler, more natural alternative.

Reducing our alcohol intake and being selective about how we fuel our bodies can take some of the pressure off our liver. Simple changes such as these can have a powerful effect on the body’s ability to detoxify itself. They enable the liver to give priority to environmental toxins over the low-grade fuel we are ingesting. Removing excessive alcohol and sugars from our diet enables our liver to remove other toxins from the body, resulting in improved overall health. Replacing processed foods with whole, nutrient-dense foods further enhances this effect.

Think of the Achieve True Health 21 Day Program as a detox not for your body only, but for your whole life. By changing your daily habits and making healthier choices, you can reduce or eliminate the toxins that cause physical and emotional imbalances and illnesses.

Neurologists tell us that it generally takes about three weeks for new habits to form. Our brains are pattern-seeking organs that favor repetition. They form habits out of the things we do and choices we make. Once established, these habits become easier and easier to repeat. Habitual activities are easier, as they require less concentration. Changing the way we taste food over the three weeks of the Achieve True Health 21 Day Program will play a large role in supporting our newly-formed, health-enhancing habits.

A major factor in the success of any detox program is dealing with the taste of sweetness, regardless of its source. Sweetness can be natural or artificial; it drives many of our cravings and results in strong physical and emotional reactions. By reducing our dependence on sweet taste (especially from
artificial sources), we increase our chances for optimal detox success. As new, healthier habits form, we
become more mindful of our future food choices.

The goal of this challenge is to support your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself of substances that create negative health effects. No restricted eating, liquid fasts, supplements or low calorie/low fat diets are required. The Achieve True Health 21 Day Program is both structured and flexible. All you need is a commitment to yourself to choose foods that will nourish your body and support your wellness goals. The answer is not found in a pill, potion, shake or supplement; eating real, whole foods is the best way to restore optimal health.

This challenge will leave you with a deeper appreciating of how your body works without making you uneasy about your food choices. During the three weeks you may have days when you are overwhelmed with positive, upbeat energy; others days may seem to require significantly more effort. Fluctuations like this are normal and expected. The overall goal of the challenge is a physical and emotional feeling of strength and vitality.

Live your best life, you only get one. Nourish yourself well, and set your sights high!