I am definitely a person that takes supplements but am also clear that supplements are there to supplement the healthy diet. It is important that you first work on the basics of health before you start taking supplements, and then the supplements are there to help and support you while you are working on your lifestyle modification. This is how you achieve health.

When referring to lifestyle modification, first and foremost, we need to start thinking about things like circadian rhythm, quality of your sleep, stress management, and also diet. Diet is more than simply what you eat. Diet involves the timing of the food that you are eating, how you are chewing your foods and what you are doing before and whilst you are eating. After that, we can begin looking at supplements.

A key supplement, in my opinion, would be vitamin D. Vitamin D alters the microbiome in a positive way and low vitamin D definitely puts you at risk for multiple illnesses likely through a microbiome alteration. There are also vitamin D receptors in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which is the sleep center of the brain. Vitamin D is critical in order to enter into a deep sleep state.

My next key supplement would be zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral for the tight junctions (how tightly your cells are packed) of your intestine. Your intestine rejuvenates itself every five days, meaning there is a high turnover of cells. Low zinc puts you at risk for developing an increase in intestinal permeability or leaky gut. This is exactly why we formulated our formula Digestive Pro+ that is packed with zinc and can help you with leaky gut.

Another important component of a supplement regimen, in my opinion, would be a B vitamin complex. B vitamins can be made by the microbiome. This is one of the reasons why bears can hibernate for six months – they have an adequate amount of B complex being made in their guts. Low B complex alters brain chemistry contributing, a