The reasons to avoid sugar and added sweeteners are numerous, and include:

Sugar is addictive – Scientific studies confirm that sugar has the addiction potential that matches, and in some cases, rivals, powerful narcotics.

Sugar causes inflammation. Blood sugar levels can rise dangerously high and quickly become toxic when diets are too sugar-rich. Even low levels of inflammation over time lead to a host of inflammatory diseases.

Overconsumption of sugar-rich foods contributes to obesity.

Sugar suppresses the immune system by overwhelming white blood cells, the body’s natural defense mechanism. This allows the body to be easily attacked by opportunistic viruses and bacteria.

Recent research has conclusively determined that cancer cells thrive on a sugar rich diet. Healthy cells prefer alternate sources of fuel. Cancer patients are advised to cut all forms of sugar out of their diets for a good reason: ingesting large amounts of it is essentially feeding cancer cells and encouraging them to grow.

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