A warm an comforting soup

Cook Time:0 min
Prep Time:10 min
Total Time:10 min
Category:Gut Formula Digestiv
Cuisine:North American
* 1 tbsp coconut oil

* 1 medium yellow onion chopped

* 1 clove garlic minced

* 3 tbsp chopped fresh ginger

* 1 lb carrots peeled and chopped

* 3-4 cups vegetable broth

* 1 can of coconut milk

* salt and pepper to taste

1. Begin be heating up a large skillet to medium-high heat. Melt the coconut oil.

2. Add onion, garlic, and ginger. Cook until onion is almost clear, about 5 minutes.

3. Add carrots and vegetable broth or stock, bring to a boil.

4. Reduce heat to simmer. Cook until carrots are soft, about 25 minutes. Stir in coconut milk.

5. Blend. If using a regular blender, blend in batches.
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