In my last few posts we’ve been talking about beans. We looked at the different types of beans and why you want them in your diet. I really believe that adding even half a cup to your diet twice a week can improve your overall health.

If there one major drawback to beans, it’s that they cause flatulence. Chances are if you eat too many, you’re going to have gas. After all, they don’t say “beans beans the musical fruit” for nothing, right? Well, no need to fret. There are things you can do to enjoy eating beans without the gas.

1. Chew well for improved digestion

2. Eat slowly to avoid swallowing air

3. Eat small amounts

4. Go for smaller beans

5. Soak the beans well before cooking and make sure to discard the soaking water

6. Cook the beans for a longer time

7. Do not add salt when cooking the beans

8. Scoop off and discard foam when cooking

9. When cooking legumes, add a little water before they get cooked

Learning how to properly cook and eat them means you can enjoy the benefits without any of the drawbacks.