Thanks to one of my readers for submitting this question:

I have a very painful swollen finger due to arthritis and I wondered if Curcumin would help and how much I should take?

For joint pain, I recommend Glucosamine-chondroitin sulfate. While it hasn’t been shown to reduce joint destruction in osteoartritis, it does reduce pain. Avoid red meats as excess iron  increases inflammation. Increase your vegetable intake to at least 50 percent of your plate at meals. You also need to avoid inflammatory vegetable oils (polyunsaturated) that have been cooked at high heat.

One supplement that can help in joint pain is hyaluronic acid. This product provides joints with necessary building blocks. Methylsulfonyl methane, naturally occuring methane in our bodies, may also reduce inflammation.

Curcumin is a powerful anti-iflammatory suplement. The recommended dosage is 250mg three times a day – take with an oil (like your Omega-3 supplement) or with a meal for better absorption.

Quercetin (which I will be discussing tomorrow) is also a good anti-iflammatory that acts in a different manner on the joints.

Lastly, I recommend taking a Vitamin C supplement. This should be taken on an empty stomach as it will increase the absorption of iron if taken with a meal.