I put cream in my coffee. I recently switched from milk and my wife was asking me why. Like a great deal of people, I used to think that fat was “bad” and it would be best to get my calories from sugar. I have now reversed completely and I realize the other part of the double double, sugar, is the enemy.

The thing is, if there is less fat in the milk, it means there is more milk. Milk contains more sugar (about 12 grams per serving) than cream (about 1 to 2 grams of sugar). I don’t count calories, but I do my best to limit the amount of sugar in my diet. You are probably wondering if you should limit the milk in your diet. Well, my thinking around it addresses only the sugar and not the milk and its benefits. Let’s save the dairy talk for another day.

What I would recommend avoiding is sweetening your coffee. The flavored syrups at the back of the coffee shop are loaded with fructose. They need to be avoided at all cost. The artificial sweeteners have an unknown effect on our bodies. I’m guessing it will all come out in the wash about their negative effects over time. If you do sweeten your drink, I would suggest either raw unbleached sugar or raw, unfiltered honey, which retains protein-rich bee pollen and has some anti-oxidant properties. Also play around with maple syrup, Agave or Stevia. These are acceptable alternatives to having sugar in your coffee every morning.

I know the double double is Canada’s favorite way to wake up, but lets try to stay away from all those sugars.