I was asked a question recently about headaches, and when to be worried that the headache is a warming sign of something more serious. I have to say that headaches are the most common medical complaint.

For the most part, you have nothing to worry about. Headaches are most commonly triggered by a lack of some very essential, everyday things, such as sleep or food. Dehydration, too much or too little caffeine or high-stress situations can cause headaches. Did you know that certain foods, such as red wine, aged cheese, and hot dogs can also be a cause? So if you are prone to skipping meals, have a high-stress lifestyle, don’t get enough sleep or tend to overdose on your morning coffee, these may be things to address first to see if your headache goes away.

There are different types of headaches; the two most common types are:

  • Tension headaches – Consists of pressure or tightness on both sides of the head.
  • Migraine headaches – These will start off mild and then get worse. They are often just on one side of the head and they can cause nausea or vomiting, or make you sensitive to light and sound.

Some women get migraine headaches just before they get their period. If this happens to you, mention it to your doctor or nurse, as there are medicines that can help.

When should I see a doctor or nurse? #
It’s a good idea to see a doctor or nurse if you get frequent headaches or your headaches are severe. See one right away if:

  • Your headache comes on suddenly, quickly becomes severe, or could be described as “the worst headache of your life.”
  • Your headache is severe and you also have a fever or stiff neck
  • You also have a seizure, personality changes or confusion, or you pass out
  • Your headache begin immediately after you exercised.
  • You have not had headaches before and you also have weakness, numbness, or trouble seeing

I think you’ll find that by keeping your body and mind aligned and in good health, your headaches will all but disappear.