My name is Dr. Christian Turbide. I graduated from medical school in the mid nineties and became a doctor because I wanted to help people. As my journey has progressed and I’ve encountered many ups and downs in the field, I now realize that I want to advocate true health.

I’ve always been very passionate about health and I saw this profession as the best way possible to help people. But now after 6 years of practice, I’ve noticed, ironically, that doctors aren’t necessarily trained to keep you healthy. And we won’t help you live longer. Doctors are trained to look for problems and treat them. What bothers me is that the emphasis is in medicine and isn’t about trying to keep the problems from occurring in the first place.

Unfortunately true health education is primarily self-taught. Our education system won’t deliver information in current and unbiased ways and it certainly isn’t handed down from parent to child.

I’m starting this blog to bring a doctor’s point of view to True Health Awareness. Quite often doctors don’t have the time to share knowledge and just be health advocates. I want to change this.

My goal is to:

a) Share how doctors think

b) Provide the right kind of information to prevent disease

c) Encourage healthy living

Quite often, people are told to deal with illness through medication. While this is sometimes necessary, I want to be able to share ways of healing by using the most natural approach possible. Proper nutrition isn’t emphasized enough by the medical industry and I want to show you just how powerful eating right can be.

I’m really excited about beginning a conversation about true health with you. I hope you enjoy and learn from this blog.