Thanks to a reader for asking: Just wondering what your thoughts are on fat burning supplements? Like Hydroxycut?

I have gone through the ingredients listed on Hydroxycut, and they are primarily caffeine and tea extracts. The blend of herbal teas in Hydroxycut is responsible for the energy supplement’s claims: Guarana powder, green tea, white tea and oolong teas. Together, this tea blend provides 200 milligrams of caffeine, the equivalent of two cups of coffee. Caffeine could very well be responsible for some weight loss as they have stimulation effect.

According to its label, Hydroxycut also contains “Hydroxagen Plus”. The Dietary Supplement Labels Database lists these herbs as Garcinia cambogia, Gymnema sylvestre, soy phospholipids, Rhodiola rosea and Withania somnifera. I’m sorry to say that the weight loss properties of these herbs is questionable.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to be healthy – it is possible to be fit but unhealthy. Personally, I prefer the old fashioned way of maintaining health and a healthy weight: a sound diet with regular exercise in the target heart rate zone.