Thank you to one of my readers for asking:

What are you thoughts on antibiotics? Specifically, do antibiotics really affect gut flora?

As a Western-trained physician, I admit that antibiotics have saved lives. I don’t, however, believe that antibiotics are the only reason we get better from an infection; antibiotics simply aid the immune system to bring the infection down.

image_antiboticsThere are some drawbacks to antibiotics: allergic reactions, diarrhea (cleaning out your gut flora, the bacteria that normally lives in your large intestine), and they can also promote an infection called C diff, a bug that jumps at opportunity. When you take antibiotics, you literally wipe out every bug (good or bad) in your intestine. C diff is resistant to most antibiotics. With all other bacteria gone, C diff has free run of your guts, causing secretions, pain, diarrhea and fever. C diff can be diagnosed with a stool test.

While bacteria are present when you have an infection, I do not believe they are the root of infection. Rather, your own overwhelmed and weakened immunity is the root cause of most infection. A weak immune system originates from lifestyle choices; a poor lifestyle will promote an overwhelmed and stressed out immune system that allows bacteria to grow in numbers or places where they don’t belong.

Most of the infections that you get are from bacteria that are already within you: lung infection bacteria come from bugs in your mouth; yeast, already found in your body, is kept in check by your immune system; a urinary tract infection isn’t “caught” from a toilet seat at the mall, you already had it in you gut. The immune system was weak and allowed the infection to happen.

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