Thanks to one of my readers for asking:

Can you please explain what “Candida” is, what are the symptoms/causes and how can it be diagnosed and treated? What is the best way to treat candida. I have been doing research and I came across treelac, do you know anything about it?

Candida is a single-celled form of plant life, an omnipresent yeast that inhabits the land, air, water and even our bodies. We usually live in harmony with candida, but too much can cause yeast infections. Depending on the severity of overgrowth, the problem can range from annoying to fatal.

How does Candida become a problem?
It all starts with dysbiosis, a loss in the balance of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms in our mouth, digestive system and vaginal mucosa. Certain conditions promote the overgrowth of organisms that had been kept a bay previously. Modern medicine tends to focus on the infecting organism (i.e. candida, plus b