If you’re a parent you’re probably concerned about the products you use for, around and on your kids. And if you’re naturally curious you may have done some research on which products to keep in the vanity and which ones to kick to the curb. After taking care of the kids, maybe you even started to question the products YOU use. The first things I looked at were obvious: lotions and creams (especially sunscreen) and hair products like shampoo and hairspray.

But have you ever stopped to think about exactly what chemicals have been keeping you smelling sweet all these years? I’d be willing to bet most of you haven’t. Why? Because it’s part of your morning routine. It’s not something you think about, it’s just something you do. And if you’re anything like me, you assume that (1) these products are totally safe and (2) it’s not like deodorant goes on your face – how important can knowing what’s in it really be?

Enter Neige, creator and part-owner of Calgary’s Routine Cream. Working full-time as a busy mom, Neige had a growing desire to learn more about the chemicals found in everyday products that most of us take for granted. She started to create both home and body products – including household cleaners and shampoo – using safe, all natural ingredients, which she generously shared (and tested!) on willing friends and family.

After five years of experimenting, Neige developed a formula for a natural deodorant aptly named “Routine”. The silky feeling cream is free from aluminum, a chemical found in most commercial deodorants. Aluminum clogs pores and stops your body from sweating. While you might think this is a good thing, remember that sweating is a natural function of the body. Sweating is actually good for you! But like all of us, Neige was concerned about smelling like a caveman, so she tackled the real issue: how to mask that offensive smell using natural ingredients to kill the bacteria that’s responsible.

Friends and family were so impressed with her de-odor cream they encouraged Neige to share it with the world.

Enter Pippa, close friend and supporter of Neige an