Our definition of health needs to shift from the absence of disease to having an abundance of vitality. Having issues of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol and inflammation in our 40’s should not be seen as the norm.

Highly processed and refined foods lack nutritional content so you have to consume more of them to satisfy your body’s nutritional needs. This contributes to issues of excess weight gain. Additionally these foods can be difficult for the body to process. It takes more energy for break them down in the digestive tract.

Also, the consistent consumption of processed foods leads to long-term inflammation and eventually disease.

One of the reasons people consume processed foods on a regular basis is that they are often inexpensive. What they don’t realize is that because you have to eat more of them to feel full the cost may be on par with buying nutrient dense alternatives. Foods that are high in fibre satiate.

More than that if an individual continuously eats the processed foods and eventually creates disease in their body they will likely spend more on medication than they would have if they had opted for whole foods and organic options.

To top it all off poor dietary decisions may cause a stress response which in turn causes the body to produce excess cortisol. This can negatively impact the adrenal glands.

Symptoms of a rise in cortisol include fatigue, irritability, mental fog, weight gain, and cravings for sugar, starch and caffeine.

High quality diet and regular exercise will reduce your stress.

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