I’m currently at a medical conference looking at treating digestive diseases. There are about 1000 digestive disease specialists here with me from around the world. At the break, coffee and snacks are served. I kid you not, the snacks consist of muffins and pastries. These people are your health advocates looking out for your best interests and treating your diseases, yet they themselves are eating foods with very high calorie-dense refined carbohydrates and fat. This is irony at its finest, friends.

We need to start a revolution from the ground up and change the root of the problem. We as consumers need to change our demands and ask for nutrient-dense foods that will enrich our lives from the inside out. It is commonly thought that approximately 70% of our stress comes from poor food choices. There is a clear problem when a room full of digestive disease specialists are happily eating muffins and practicing bad eating habbits. As a general rule, we learn best by modeling, so I challenge you to take a clear look at your health advocate. Is this who you want teaching you about your health?

If you want to be healthy, you will need to educate yourself and find physicians that will treat you as a whole. Most physicians do want to help. They also want you to to be healthy, but I believe that this will depend on whether this physician has broadened his or her own knowledge outside of western medicine teaching.

Just a thought.