Healthiest CerealsOne of my readers asked: What brand of cereals you recommend for children that is free of acrylamide and preservatives?


Thank you for the question.


My favorite breakfast is oatmeal. I cook steal cut oats every day with some cinnamon on top. Its important to get a good breakfast no matter your age and if you are looking to buy cereals, the first thing I would suggest is to simply read the labels and look for a very small amount of “other” ingredients.


When you are looking for healthiest cereals, remember that foods we buy that are processed (heated, milled, ground) have lost a great deal of nutrients and natural flavours. Even the oatmeal that takes “one minute to cook” is processed so it can do so. It has been worked down to a powder to make it more refined so that it will cook faster. If it takes one minute for water to penetrate and cook the oatmeal, think about how long it will take for your body to digest it.


I get a great deal of odd looks when I say this but bread is highly processed as well. The wheat has been ground into a powder and then bleached to make it whiter and fluffier. 


The best thing you can do for a child is give them unprocessed food, the specific type of breakfast or healthiest cereal isn’t as important as what it is made of.


A simple rule of thumb for anyone would be to eat wholesome, less processed foods. Strive towards foods found in your refrigerator and not shells and remnants of their former selves. The more you read labels, the better choices you will be able to make!


When you have a choice, choose mother earth – she knows best.