Thank you to one of my readers for asking:

Weight Loss Shakes

I am looking to lose weight. What are your thoughts on the ingredients and nutritional value of ViSalus Science shakes?

If all you’re doing is trying to lose weight, then yes. You will lose weight on these shakes. In fact, you’ll lose weight on any nutritional shakes. They are designed to fill your tummy so that you aren’t tempted to eat those foods that made you gain weight in the first place (refined carbohydrates, saturated fats). I do applaud you on your efforts to look for a healthy solution and to educate yourself. I myself drink a shake each morning, one that is mixed with water (not milk).

I reviewed the ViSalus website and was impressed by their nutritional claims and the fact that they shakes do pack in many nutrients. Having said this, I also saw that the shakes include Whey Protein Hydrosolysate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin and Sodium Casienate.

While these ingredients are sources of protein (and taste enhancers), they also form free glutamate. Taking this supplement for the short term while working out would be fine. You wouldn’t want to take in this amount of glutamate unless you plan to exercise – this is because free glutamates can have an excitatory effect on your brain, which can in turn have the opposite of your desired effect. In other words, they can have an adverse effect on your appetite, causing you to gain weight.