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I really believe in the 21 program whole heartedly. It’s not just another diet or fad. When I did the 21 days I lost 20 pounds! I felt super healthy, had more energy and my heartburn went away! And it wasn’t hard to stick to it.”

Brock Watson

Thank you for your excellent presentation. You truly are an inspiration. I have worked as a nurse for 27 years and have always felt a lapse for those with chronic health issues yet have found few people to shift their thinking from traditional medicine. Thank you for your passion in your field of medicine. May you be blessed as you continue to help and inspire us in our healing journeys.

Achieve True Health – this is a team of nutrition specialists, researchers and educators based in Calgary, AB, and founded by one of the top gastroenterologists in Canada, and a professor of medicine at the University of Calgary. They have an amazing educational/coaching program for health. I registered for their program.

I can’t even begin to replicate the depth of nutritional and health related education that they’ve put together, so I won’t even try but it’s all about healing the gut. Many (if not most) chronic conditions of the body, painful joints, digestive diseases, chronic skin conditions, etc.. are because your body is inflamed. Your gut is leaking. When the gut, which is supposed to protect your body from whatever toxin you might ingest is leaking, then you get sick.

I adopted their “heal your gut’ eating/nutrition guidelines.

I consider the “Achieve True Health” program kind of like Hermione – logical, clever, very helpful to understand.

Diane Currie Sam
Super stoked! I can’t believe I didn’t gain one pound so far over the holidays! I didn’t completely avoid grains and sugar and to be honest, I consumed food in excess. Finally started to get back into exercising yesterday (had to put off, aside from walking the dog) due to my husband fracturing his ankle in August. Normally I gain 1-2 lbs the day after exercising due to swelling in my joints alone (osteoarthritis)! Nada! Just love this lifestyle! Best thing I’ve ever done in my nearly 48 years of life! Thank you ATH team! I couldn’t have done this without you! I’ve had three challenging years, but I forecast 2016 to be an amazing year for my family and I. I wish all of the ATH family a healthy and happy new year!
Nancy B.
I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I started a fitness program last week and can already start to see good results.

I was worried at the outset that the diet would be restrictive and I would struggle to stay on the program.

We have been able to use the recipes for the entire family (my wife and I have 2 small children) and the coconut pancakes are a big hit.

I also feel like I can still eat great meals that are tasty and satisfying with only small changes to what I was doing in the past.

I have lost some weight and am working on my body composition. I haven’t been my current weight in years, and hope to keep dropping.

I am looking forward to moving forward with better choices for my health and my future.

John H.
Day 21 is almost over!! This is definitely not the end but hopefully a new beginning! I gave it my 110% and I’m proud of myself! I’ve also lost about 9lbs. But even better is my digestive system feels much better! I’ve been having lots of productive days and my mood is much happier.
Melissa Doucet

Firstly I need to thank my incredible sister Michal Ofer for introducing me to this challenge and in fact this way of life. I was not sure how I was going to manage being at home flat on my back after surgery. She encouraged me to start and it’s been the best thing for my mind body and healing process. I have stopped drinking diet coke and eating chocolates out of desperation in the afternoons. I’m eating foods like eggs that I have not eaten in years and I’m eating proper meals. I feel great, and am healing so much quicker. The pain from the surgery has almost gone since being on the challenge. A few of my friends have even said I look healthier than I have in a long time. My body feels great my tummy works properly and I’m eating! I have always been obsessed with my weight and since starting this challenge have not once worried about how much I’m eating or got on the scale to weigh myself. I look forward to my daily emails and have learnt so much. This is a great way of life and I look forward to watching my kids learn about proper nutrition. Thank you to everyone especially my amazing sister!!!! Looking forward to the next 13 days on the challenge!


Today is day 21 and I cannot believe the challenge has come to an end. It is been really amazing for me to feel my body come back to health and know that I am on the right track. I look forward to slowly changing my families mind set and way of eating so they to can feel these incredible benefits that I am feeling. Thank you to all involved you really are all amazing and the knowledge I have learnt from you is incredible. Looking forward to a healthier happier more energetic future!!

Nirit Mindel
I’ve done a few of these challenges, I’ve always been a great starter but not so good on follow through, this time was different. I actually followed through on the goals the challenge set for me and the goals I set for myself and I am really happy with where I am at.

Lots of changes during the challenge. Lots of changes still happening. Lots of changes in my future. Thank you ATH for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the 21 Day Challenge and the wonderful changes that you’ve made in my life.

Love, love, love the exercise program. It was exactly what I was looking for and fits perfectly into my life. Still feeling a few of the muscles protesting but that just convinces me how much I really need to do this. It’s so easy to lose the ability to do simple exercises with your body and you don’t even notice. It really is true “if you don’t use it, you lose it” when it comes to flexibility, strength and balance. I needed the reminder to get moving again and how can I make excuses when I need no special clothes, no equipment, no need to leave home, nothing at all just a 1/2 hour of my time every day.

My diet was already pretty clean but I’d had a tough time giving up dairy and sugar. During the challenge I gave them up, a few little slips but I’ve lost the cravings which is huge for me. Last night I had a bowl of ice cream ;( Cold, creamy, sweet. Yuk! I felt absolutely awful. Even thinking about it now makes me feel queasy. No ice cream cravings for me anymore.

I’ve still got a ways to go. The food is cleaner than when I began but I still have a few habits to work on. Especially my mid afternoon grazing but changes take time and I’m more aware of what I’m doing now thanks to the challenge. I intend to keep going through the challenge until I get where I want to be to keep my motivation levels high and the Facebook group will still be here. Didn’t think I’d ever say that but the community has been a really big influence too. It’s crazy, I’m not a social media fan. Wasn’t a social media fan, another change!

One of the things that surprised me the most was that as I thought of something, it seemed like that was when the topic would come up. It was like the challenge knew exactly what I needed to know and when I needed to know it. How amazing is that!

Thanks Christian TurbideMichal Ofer and Angella Thompson and for everyone in the ATH Facebook community for making it such a great experience.

Deb Coates

Deb Coates
Day 8: I have never felt so healthy since my teen-aged years! OMG, a total paradigm shift for me. I knew produce was important and always had them in my diet, but never to this degree. I knew wheat and dairy was an issue and I did my best to keep them out of my diet…but then life happens! With 4 kids, husband, dog, and working full time, it was very difficult to make life work. I was always tired, always sick no matter what I ate. Even when I didn’t eat by choice, I still felt sick. My vitamin D level about 3 or 4 years ago was the lowest my GP ever saw at 11.4! Asthma out of control, chronic urticaria, exhaustion, brain fog, poor sleep, etc. Today, I weighed myself and I am down 8 lbs. I only cheated once – on Friday I had a slurpee (shame on me)! For the past 3 nights I have been having quality sleep, meaning I fall asleep and stay asleep and wake up refreshed! It’s been a long time! I do experience hunger pangs everyday when it’s time to eat. But you know what? They are no longer distracting. They used to be painful! In general though, I am content after I eat plus I feel well. You know, I have not been able to eat salad without bloating up. This week, I had smoothies with fresh or frozen produce every day plus had arugula/spinach/kale salad with tomatoes, celery and carrots and pumpkin seeds and homemade balsamic vinaigrette twice and I didn’t bloat or feel sick! I felt normal. The best part today was hearing my husband’s story about the past couple of days. He has been following the diet as close as he can, but not as diligent as myself. During this past week, he’s been having the best sleep ever! Last night, he purchased a subway sandwich and had a cola. He had a really rough night sleeping. He tossed and turned and felt like his sleep was of poor quality. He notices the difference and is quite excited to continue! It’s nice to hear happiness in his voice. We both had no idea how starved our bodies were until now!
Nancy Beauchemin
Recovering from an eating disorder is never easy. Through the guidance and support of the ATH program I have learnt to love my body, from the inside out. The gentle, nurturing approach, constant support and words of wisdom leave me feeling strong, encouraged and powerful. The ATH message of healing your digestion to begin healing your life was just what I needed to continue moving forward. When my doctors and therapists no longer had the answers, ATH taught me how to find my own balance and my own way. Thank you for showing me how I too can be awesome!
Tammy P.
As an avid motorcycle racer, I pursued the services of ATH in order to lose weight as I was awarded the wildcard spot in the World Supersport Championship. The word ‘diet’ had always been my four letter word, and competing had left me with a poor relationship with food. I was either on a diet, or not, both in an extreme way.

Initially, ATH diverted my attention to the eating of whole foods, cleaning out my system and resetting my body. The weight fell off, so much so that I needed to buy a new race suit. This original goal ended up being the least important achievement of her program.

Whilst following a whole foods protocol, my energy levels soared, my body composition shifted drastically (my body fat went down significantly), my strength increased, my sleep improved, I stopped snoring, my allergies disappeared and any digestive discomfort that I had previously experienced, no longer existed. Previous injuries had left me with severe wrist, knee and hip pain. My wrists were so inflamed that I was unable to sleep without wrist braces and was scheduled for surgery, which would have prevented me from racing. The best results from my program are that I am no longer bothered by pain; no longer do I wear wrist guards, and best of all, do not need to undergo any surgical procedure.

I have come to realise the importance of how we fuel our bodies and the effects it has on our physical and mental being. This is especially apparent when I choose to consume food-like products and have to deal with the brain-fog and inflammation that follows. Hangovers are nothing in comparison. My relationship with food has improved too. I no longer feel the need to over-indulge or deprive myself. I enjoy my food, can eat what I love and love how I look and feel.

Through the support garnered through the ATH program, I felt my needs were listened to, and my setback and mental blocks were dealt with so effectively that I was inspired to continue and improve. I now enjoy checking in to keep me on track, and continue learning how important it is to hear what your body is telling you.

Ryan T.
I come from a body building background, where nutrition is the main focus. I thought I knew how to feed my body but honestly reflecting on my eating habits I realized my meal plans didn’t work for my body. Not only did I struggle to maintain this diet plan, I was spending a lot of time and money fulfilling these eating habits.

I was mainly interested in nutrition advice. I believe in holistic healing but I have never had the guidance in order to heal my ailments. My main concern was dealing with my many allergies and food intolerances. In this journey I found the foods and eating habits that allow my body to function to the best of its ability, while managing my stomach problems.

A few of the outcomes from the ATH program included learning how to yield my stomach issues, finding foods that suited my goals and physical activity and learning to love big meals, including calories. I am leaner, stronger and happier than I have ever been before but still enjoy food, and a glass of wine.

Everyone is different from their goals to their bodies; from their hearts to their souls. ATH honours this diversity on every individual’s path of success.

Amy H.
The ATH approach empowers and excites people to make changes in their lives that they had perhaps lacked the confidence to pursue. It’s initially a bit overwhelming to have a flood of encouragement coming at you from such a powerful source, but over time the positivity and the possibilities begin to expand, you begin to see your potential, and you become acutely aware of what makes you happy, as well as that which does not serve you. The ATH program helped me to take pride in the life I’ve created for myself and more importantly, has helped me to accept that I deserve it!

My approach to nutrition in the past was simply blindly troubleshooting approaches that had worked for others with no regard towards my specific needs; this lead to a bleak relationship with food, and a digestive system in turmoil. The ATH challenge was intense but approachable, especially with the keen focus on making sure that you are equipped mentally, physically, and emotionally for the program. It takes a very special approach to get one excited about eliminating all the “good stuff” from your diet, but the support I received through ATH support not only got me through the cleansing period, it made me thrive, and the changes I made, I intend to carry forward. I feel in tune with my body, light, and strong.

Ariffa L.
Warren Broad



The Achieve True Health program lays its foundation in this natural, side effect-free means of addressing inflammatory disease. My experience as a gastroenterologist bears out the notion that any and all of the chronic inflammatory diseases that are so prevalent in our society today may be healed through a modified diet. The Achieve True Health guidelines put the power of natural disease-reversal in your hands. Our program will show you precisely how to modify your diet and add dietary supplements to reverse any "itis"—any inflammatory condition— you may be struggling with. - Dr. Christian Turbide