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Canada Food Guide offering up outdated advice

By Josie Lukey. Food guideline not up to date with latest research, most current nutrition information. Take the information in the Canadian Food Guide with a grain of salt, according to Michal Ofer, nutrition consultant and digestive expert at Achieve True Health - and she’s not the only one calling for change.... Click Here to

Are You Too Busy To Eat Healthy?

When I prescribe diet changes to my patients, the most common objection I get is that their busy schedule is not conducive to healthy eating choices. As a busy professional I can understand how eating healthy might feel like an enormous burden and can be left on the curb due to the numerous demands of

Talk to the Hand – How I cured my Eczema

My eczema, whom I thought was my enemy, was actually my friend. It may well have been protecting me from something even worse! This made sense to me and I adopted their “heal your gut’ eating/nutrition guidelines. Here’s my ‘coles notes’ version of what I did: Click Here to read the full article at Be

8 Ways To Deal With Picky Eaters

When you are struggling to make the right food choices, negative feedback from the dinner table every night can push you back to old ways pretty quickly... Click Here to read the full article at the Huffington Post

Inflammation: Definition, Diagnosis And Treatment

There are two types of inflammation -- acute and chronic. Doctors can tell these apart by understanding the history of the inflammation, and by carefully examining the inflammation under their microscope of education and experience... Click Here to read the full article at the Huffington Post

8 Ways To Add 12 Years To Your Life Expectancy

By looking at human physiology, the average age expectancy should be about 90; however, current life expectancy is around 78. While this number continues to rise for women, the facts show that on average, we are leaving about 12 years on the table... Click Here to read the full article at the Huffington Post

Stress Could Be Your Silent Killer

Stress -- that feeling you experience when things don't go according to plan, when your boss says that your deadline has been moved to yesterday, or when your child won't stop screaming in the middle of the supermarket aisle...

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For… Modified Milk?

"Modified milk" is a term used to identify a variety of milk ingredients. It's like the party mix of the milk world; it's got a little bit of everything in it. Milk ingredients can come from any form of chemically modified milk source. What does that mean?... Click Here to read the full article at the

Dr. Christian Turbide

Dr. Christian Turbide is one of Canada’s leading experts in digestive disease… Click Here to read the full article at the Huffington Post


The Achieve True Health program lays its foundation in this natural, side effect-free means of addressing inflammatory disease. My experience as a gastroenterologist bears out the notion that any and all of the chronic inflammatory diseases that are so prevalent in our society today may be healed through a modified diet. The Achieve True Health guidelines put the power of natural disease-reversal in your hands. Our program will show you precisely how to modify your diet and add dietary supplements to reverse any "itis"—any inflammatory condition— you may be struggling with. - Dr. Christian Turbide