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Sleep is a universal requirement among human beings. It is required for repairing damaged tissues and regaining a sense of balance. The quantity of sleep you get and the quality of your sleep have a direct effect on your mental and physical health. Melatonin is the neurochemical responsible for regulating your sleep-wake cycle. In addition


Cravings are by far the number one saboteur of any eating plan, diet, challenge or nutritional program. They appear at unexpected times and aggressively destroy the most well affirmed dietary intentions. The good news is that your cravings are guaranteed to diminish and dissipate as you begin to replenish the nutrients in your body. This

What is a Detox?

Our bodies come equipped with an organ, the liver, that is tasked with removing toxins from the body. Normally, it’s quite good at its job. Problems arise when we overload the liver with environmental toxins, harsh chemicals and alcohol; these need to be cleared from the system before ordinary toxins can be dealt with. When

Willpower: Rediscovering an Underrated Strength

One of the most underrated human traits is willpower. We tend to forget that this trait can be our strongest ally when we’re trying to create healthy habits. Recent studies conducted by research psychologists suggest that willpower is a good predictor of academic success, professional advancement, and stable relationships. In addition, it appears to be

Brain Chemicals

There are a number of key brain chemicals that contribute to your our overall sense of health and wellness. Dopamine is the chemical that produces the feeling of satisfaction and well-being when you will succeed at meeting your needs. Times dopamine is released include: When you achieve a long-sought goal When you recognize the next

The Perfect Diet

My friends and family are always asking me for dietary advice and inquiring what are the best foods to eat, and which ones should they avoid. To be quite honest I'm confused at times even with my own reading and understanding. In my 20s I could probably have been quoted as saying that I would

The Real Diet Saboteur

I've heard it all before! That’s most probably the response you would give me if I were to address diet and lifestyle changes with you. And yes, I believe you have. In order to be healthy, you need to eat right, move right and manage your right. Same old, same old rhetoric right? My only