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A Physician’s Perspective

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My patients come into my office with a variety of symptoms that are disrupting their lives; they don't come in as diagnoses to be made or disease entities to be analyzed. We as physicians try to fit the patient's symptoms within our learned list of diseases. We are in fact looking for a problem and

Stress: The Not-So-Silent Killer

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(But Not for the Reason You Think) Stress -- that feeling you experience when things don’t go according to plan, when your boss says that your deadline has been moved to yesterday, or when your child won’t stop screaming in the middle of the supermarket aisle. People define stress in various ways, but it always

A Quick Calculation

I just did a quick calculation. Normal blood sugar level is always kept within a narrow range, about 4.4 to 6.1 mmol/L (82 to 110 mg/dL). We have about 5 liters of blood in our entire bodies. So if you round out the sugar content to about 90 mg per deciliter, it comes to about 0.09 g

Cleanse away Environmental Toxins!

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Toxins from the environment are fat soluble, so they are stored in our fat. Over time these toxins accumulate and create problems. These can range from mild disturbances (such as fatigue) to major ones (like cancer). The cleanse renders the toxins water soluble and assists the liver in detoxification and elimination. This process can be

Drink Plenty of Water for Optimal Health

You've probably often heard that it’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This is quite good advice. Water helps flush away bacteria which can contribute to the onset of infection and trigger the inflammation process. Drinking plenty of water also helps get rid of toxins and free radicals that can

More Support for Mother’s Milk

If you’re wondering whether breastfeeding is a good idea or not, a study by researchers at the Duke University Medical Center published in the August issue of the journal Current Nutrition & Food Science may help you make up your mind.   Breast milk promotes flora colonization in the digestive tracts of infants—something that has lasting

Is Sugar the New Cocaine?

What do you think is more addictive: sugar or cocaine? Magalie Lenoir and her colleagues at the University Bordeaux in France have run an empirical study to find out.   They began with the supposition that, while highly refined sugars, corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners are relative newcomers in our diets, they are now ubiquitous.

Another Reason to Choose Sustainable Agriculture

Recently Kazumi Maruyama and his associates at the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering in Japan published a study called Exposure to Exogenous Estrogen through Intake of Commercial Milk Produced from Pregnant Cows. This study looked at the long-term health effects of year-round global milk production through modern, genetically improved dairy cows, and from pregnant

Estrogen Toxicity: A Growing Concern

What is Estrogen? Estrogens are a group of steroid compounds responsible for the estrous cycle. They function as the primary female sex hormone. Like most hormones, estrogens have the ability to diffuse across the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, they bind with and activate estrogen receptors, which in turn regulate the expression of several


The Achieve True Health program lays its foundation in this natural, side effect-free means of addressing inflammatory disease. My experience as a gastroenterologist bears out the notion that any and all of the chronic inflammatory diseases that are so prevalent in our society today may be healed through a modified diet. The Achieve True Health guidelines put the power of natural disease-reversal in your hands. Our program will show you precisely how to modify your diet and add dietary supplements to reverse any "itis"—any inflammatory condition— you may be struggling with. - Dr. Christian Turbide