Are You Too Busy To Eat Healthy?

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Are You Too Busy To Eat Healthy?

When I prescribe diet changes to my patients, the most common objection I get is that their busy schedule is not conducive to healthy eating choices. As a busy professional I can understand how eating healthy might feel like an enormous burden and can be left on the curb due to the numerous demands of life…

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As a doctor, it can be heartbreaking to see this overall reverse in peoples’ health. With modern technology, we have access to so much information and quality of life. But people are crying out for help and ways to make the right decisions for their health. I’m passionate about seeing a change in your nutrition and helping you find ways to become passionate about your health. I believe we can start a new health movement.

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    Kevin Gray August 6, 2018 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    Finally, a gastroenterlogist in my city – Calgary – who not only understands the direct connection between diet and gut/overall health but who is actually speaking as an advocate for it!!! You have no idea how refreshing that is to have found you! Someone within the mainstream medical establishment has to turn it on its head and make it stop being solely ‘prescribers of drugs’ and treat the whole person and show how natural lifestyle improvements can work in conjunction with other therapies. I applaud you for what you are doing to that end. I have had Crohn’s for 30 years now, (I[‘m now 50) and in the early years I became so jaded by the medical establishments complete and utter lack of intuitive understanding of how diet has a very direct bearing on any gut disease as well as overall health. I was so repelled by the awful side effects of the drugs they had put me on, combined with their blindness about diet, that I abandoned the mainstream medical profession and determined to help myself on my own, intuitively knowing that diet would be the best way to get my symptoms under control. I have had many ups and downs on that road, and as I enter my 5th decade I’m begining to experience some new symptoms which need to be addressed and I am currently looking for a gastro who has empathy for my viewpoints on diet. Over the years my ‘go to’ doctors have been naturopaths and thankfully I have worked with two (one in Calgary and one in Idaho) who have been excellent. At this point in time, I am reaching out again to the mainstream profession and trying to connect with a Gastro doc who has a similar viewpoint to myself, and until I was given your name by a trusted source, my faith that the mainstream profession remained at the very low ebb it plummeted to all those years ago. So, I am hopeful that I will be able to connect with you soon. I have connected with the Foothills outpatient GI clinic so I’ll be asking them if I can be referred to you. If they wont do it, I will find a way. Thank you for shining a light into peoples health and hearts that goes beyond prescribing drugs!!

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