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Meet Dr. Turbide

As a doctor, it can be heartbreaking to see this overall reverse in peoples’ health. With modern technology, we have access to so much information and quality of life. But people are crying out for help and ways to make the right decisions for their health.

I’m passionate about seeing a change in your nutrition and helping you find ways to become passionate about your health.
I believe we can start a new health movement.


“10 Questions My Patients Most Often Ask About Living a Happy, Healthy, Vibrant Life!”

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    Today is day 21 and I cannot believe the challenge has come to an end. It is been really amazing for me to feel my body come back to health and know that I am on the right track. I look forward to slowly changing my families mind set and way of eating so they to can feel these incredible benefits that I am feeling. Thank you to all involved you really are all amazing and the knowledge I have learnt from you is incredible. Looking forward to a healthier happier more energetic future!!
    - Nirit Mindel
    Day 21 is almost over!! This is definitely not the end but hopefully a new beginning! I gave it my 110% and I’m proud of myself! I’ve also lost about 9lbs. But even better is my digestive system feels much better! I’ve been having lots of productive days and my mood is much happier.
    - Melissa Doucet
    I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I started a fitness program last week and can already start to see good results. I was worried at the outset that the diet would be restrictive and I would struggle to stay on the program. We have been able to use the recipes for the entire family (my wife and I have 2 small children) and the coconut pancakes are a big hit…
    - John H.

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    (*Individual results may vary*)



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